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    Haggerston Baths Regeneration

    Within the Borough of Hackney in London’s east end stands the Haggerston Baths, a swimming and bath facility opened in 1904 that was closed permanently in 2000. The building is currently undergoing regeneration into a public workspace, office building, and restaurant and cafe.


    Site Photography
    Interior Rendering (CGI)

    Jorg’s CGIs presented multiple design concepts which included historical building elements like skylights, cathedral-like archways, and a glass pavilion that covers the Baths’ Olympic sized swimming pool. Site photography of the building in its present state was also taken for before/after context and presentation support.

    Photograph - Not a CGI

    With the building’s plan to end its function as a swimming facility, one such concept was to produce a large pavilion atop the swimming pool made of glass and deconstructable metal framing. A restaurant sits on the pavilion roof, a café and work lounge is found inside, and multiple break-out areas surround the pavilion’s perimeter.

    Taking advantage of the towering columns of natural light pouring in through the skylights and the large reflective surfaces of the glass, Jorg produced multiple concepts to show how this space and its innovative design could be utilized by tenants and the public.

    Photograph - Not a CGI